Methodologies and Modelling

According to the Regulation (EU) No. 347/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 17 April 2013 on Guidelines for trans-European energy infrastructure and repealing Decision No 1364/2006/EC and amending Regulations (EC) No 713/2009, (EC) No 714/2009 and (EC) No 715/2009, ENTSOG has the task to develop a CBA methodology for Energy System wide analysis to support the PCI selection process.

The purpose of this Regulation is to facilitate investment in the energy infrastructure in order to achieve the Union’s energy and climate policy objectives.

The Regulation establishes rules for identifying projects of European significance. Such Projects of Common Interest (PCI) will benefit from streamlined permitting procedures within Member States and where applicable cross-border cost allocation.

The Regulation defines 12 European energy priority corridors and establishes Regional Groups to assess PCI candidate projects in the respective regions. The following four corridors have been identified for gas projects:

> North-South Gas Interconnections in Western Europe (NSI West Gas ),
> North-South Gas Interconnections in Central-Eastern and South-Eastern Europe (NSI East Gas),
> Baltic Energy Market Interconnection Plan in gas (BEMIP Gas),
> Southern Gas Corridor (SGC).

In order to be included in the enduring PCI application process, candidate projects will be part of the latest available ENTSOG Ten-Year Network Development Plan (TYNDP). Following their inclusion into the adopted Union list, PCI projects shall become part of the relevant regional investment plans and of the relevant national Network Development Plans.

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