Energy Transition

ENTSOG facilitates gas grids’ constructive role in the energy transition, including the repurposing, retrofitting and refurbishment of the gas grids for the transport of renewable and low carbon gases. The team will undertake the necessary activities that will be required within the regulatory framework of the Hydrogen and Decarbonised Gas Markets package. This legislation aims to decarbonise gas markets, promote hydrogen and biomethane and reduce methane emissions.  

ENTSOG is committed to the goals of the European Green Deal, including legislative initiatives within the 'Fit for 55' package. ENTSOG will also continue its work on Energy System Integration, specifically the development and planning of the EU hydrogen backbone via repurposing and retrofitting of existing pipelines, based on the revised TEN-E Regulation. ENTSOG will continue dialogue with relevant stakeholders from the hydrogen, electricity, and gas value chains. Engagement with storage and LNG system and ports operators, DSOs and hard-to-decarbonise  off-takers of hydrogen are of particular relevance.  

Challenges include addressing fluctuating gas qualities, framing the proper conditions for connecting decarbonised and renewable gases production, planning usage of gas grids from hydrogen and biogas friendly perspective or designing new data flows between TSOs and DSOs. Nevertheless, gas systems offer a long-distance transportation, a long-term energy storage, decarbonisation of heating and short-term demand management support tools.

ENTSOG will continue to engage with stakeholders along the whole value-chain via:


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Sara Piskor - Director, Strategy, Policy and Communication

European Clean Hydrogen Alliance publishes “Learnbook on Hydrogen Imports to the EU market”

The European Clean Hydrogen Alliance published its Learnbook on Hydrogen imports, which is intended to serve as an overview document and reference point for discussions on hydrogen imports. To reach the European ambitions hydrogen imports to the EU are needed. Different import options are possible – each with specific benefits and challenges. The Learnbook provides insights into the different import options and on tackling the most pressing challenges.

Learnbook on Hydrogen Imports to the EU Market

Clean Hydrogen Alliance – Hydrogen Transmission and Distribution Roundtable prepared a ‘Learnbook on Hydrogen Supply corridors’

ENTSOG, as facilitator of the Roundtable, was engaged in preparing the ‘Learnbook on Hydrogen Supply corridor’. The Learnbook was developed based on the mandate from Roundtable CEOs and provides industry expertise and knowledge on the potential development of the six potential hydrogen import corridors as visualised in the REPowerEU Action Plan. The report was presented at a CEO meeting held on 4 April at the premises of Port of Antwerp-Bruges.

Learnbook on Hydrogen Supply corridors

ENTSOG's Regulatory Affairs Manager Patricia Orglerova speaks to FSR about the H2 Infrastructure Map

In December 2022, ENTSOG along with GIE, Eurogas, CEDEC, GD4S, and GEODE, and in cooperation with European Hydrogen Backbone (EHB), launched the first edition of the 'Hydrogen Infrastructure Map'. Hear more about the objectives and benefits of this map from Patricia Orglerova, as she speaks with James Kneebone of the Florence School of Regulation. 

Podcast by FSR: Patricia Orglerova on H2 Infrastructure Map 

New Hydrogen Infrastructure Map shows how infrastructure can enable the upscaling of hydrogen economy

Six industry associations for gas distribution, transmission, import and storage, in cooperation with European Hydrogen Backbone Initiative, have launched a website visualising hydrogen projects in an interactive map. This map was developed using bottom-up collection of data for relevant infrastructure projects, including those for demand and production, and presents the projects in 2030, 2040 and 2050. 

Hydrogen Infrastructure Map

Presentation of map at ENTSOG conference 2022

"Vision of the future: European hydrogen infrastructure map" - Politico article 

ENTSOG Annual Conference 2022: ‘In The Pipeline: Secure Winter, Sustainable Future’

On16 December 2022, ENTSOG hosted their annual conference ‘In The Pipeline: Secure Winter, Sustainable Future’ in hybrid format, with online participants and attendees at the ENTSOG office joining the discussions. Security of supply and the gas grids’ readiness for hydrogen were discussed by participants. 


Hydrogen Project Visualisation Platform

ENTSOG, together with its Members, have developed a Hydrogen Project Visualisation Platform to map the numerous hydrogen projects to identify supply and demand centres, to develop an EU-wide Hydrogen Backbone. This is comprehensive, interactive map for hydrogen projects along the whole value chain based on open source data.

Hydrogen Project Visualisation Platform


ENTSOG facilitates the Roundtable on Clean Hydrogen Transmission and Distribution under the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance, which contributed to two main ECH2A deliverables: Project Investment pipeline and Report on Barriers and Mitigation measures.

ECHA website

ECHA project pipeline

ECHA roundtable reports on barriers and mitigation measures


Advisory Panel for Future Gas Grids

ENTSOG launched in January 2021 an Advisory Panel for Future Gas Grids with the purpose to discuss openly among stakeholders along the entire value chain on how to transition the gas grids to net-zero by 2050. The video summarises the work done in 2021 and future steps and deliverables for 2022.

Watch the video

Advisory Panel for Future Gas Grids website

ENTSOG Annual Conference 2021: ‘Infrastructure for a Hydrogen and Decarbonised Gas Market’

EC Head of Cabinets – Stefano Grassi and Diederik Samsom discussed the regulatory framework the newly published Hydrogen and Decarbonised Gas Markets in detail with participants, with a transition phase by 2030, towards a hydrogen market in 2050. Watch the recording here:

ENTSOG Annual Conference 2021