ENTSOG was established by the Third Energy Package in 2009 and as a cooperation initiative of the European gas TSOs. The focus of the Third Energy Package was to develop competitive markets and enable security of supply, both in the interests of the European consumers and to facilitate the TSO cooperation to fulfil the regulatory, binding obligations of Gas Regulation (EC) No 715/2009.

ENTSOG and the gas TSOs, as owners and operators of the gas transmission system, have delivered on the requested regulatory tasks: to facilitate well planned and efficient functioning of gas markets, improved security of gas supply and stronger technical cooperation between all EU gas transport systems. 

ENTSOG’s work on regulatory/expert tasks and deliverables include:

 - Developing and monitoring implementation of network codes and guidelines for market and system operation.

 - Elaborating Ten-Year Network Development Plans (TYNDP).

 - Providing regular information on gas supply and demand for the European market.

 - Delivering common operational tools to ensure network security and reliability.

ENTSOG work is continuing to evolve, to respond to future challenges and supporting Europe's energy transition, market competitiveness and security of energy supply. The ENTSOG team is committed to meeting the objectives of the European Green Deal, including legislative initiatives within the 'Fit for 55' package, as well as the goals of the Hydrogen and Decarbonised Gas Market package and the REPowerEU Action Plan. The team will also continue its work on Energy System Integration, specifically the development and planning of the EU hydrogen backbone via repurposing and retrofitting of existing pipelines.

For further information please contact:

Piotr Kuś - General Director



ENTSOG’s mission is to facilitate and enhance cooperation between national gas transmission system operators (TSOs) across Europe, to ensure the development of a pan-European transmission system in line with European Union energy and climate goals. Looking forward, ENTSOG is contributing to the net-zero decarbonisation by 2050, by the integration of renewable and low carbon gases via future-proof gas transmission pipelines.  


ENTSOG prepared its first Article of Association and related Rules of Procedures in December 2009. These documents were finalised in 2011. The most recent update to the Articles of Association occurred in April 2023 which included minor amendments comply with the provisions of the Belgian Code on Companies and Associations. 


ENTSOG's current list of TSO Members and Associated Partners is available here. In February 2011, TSOs from Third Party countries interested in following development of the network code were admitted to the Association as Observers. Following Brexit and in accordance with the established EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement, UK TSOs are no longer ENTSOG Members as of 1 January 2022.


ENTSOG operations are governed by its General Assembly, which leads the Association and has full powers to enable it to achieve its objectives. Its tasks include the admission of Members, the appointment of the Management Board as well as the General Director and Business Area Directors, the establishment of working and regional groups, and the adoption of ENTSOG deliverables. The internal ENTSOG business areas are divided into four areas: Market, System Development, System Operation and Strategy, Policy and Communication.


ENTSOG publishes documents and data to fulfil the requirements of tasks defined mainly within European Gas Regulation (EC) 715/2009, e.g., the Ten-Year Network Development Plan, Annual Summer and Winter Supply Outlooks, Transparency Platform, ENTSOG’s Annual Report and Annual Work Programme. ENTSOG are also required to produce Network Code Implementation Monitoring Reports. Documents relating to ENTSOG positions and consultation responses are published on an ongoing basis. ENTSOG tasks related to other relevant legislation, e.g., Security of Gas Supply Regulation (EU) 2017/1938 and TEN-E Regulation (EU) 2022/869 are included in the Annex of ENTSOG's Annual Work Programme.  

Careers at ENTSOG

ENTSOG is committed to maintaining a well-prepared recruitment process so that it has the relevant resources and competences to perform requested and required activities. Recruitment depends on current ENTSOG needs and each recruitment process begins with a call for suitable candidates within the ENTSOG TSO Members resources. Find out more about the benefits of working for ENTSOG and current open positions.