Partnerships are a great way forward to enable decarbonization of the gas sector. ENTSOG’s Members (TSOs) are engaging in new partnerships and initiatives such as the Green Gas Initiative, Gas for Climate initiative and are active via the European Power to Gas Platform, to name a few examples. Our TSOs are actively working together as well as with various private stakeholders on projects aimed to offer sustainable solutions for the gas sector and of the whole EU economy. Please have a look at some of the examples below.

Gas Networks Ireland

GNI and Clean Ireland Recycling open nation’s first CNG re-fuelling station

Alternative transport fuel will see Clean Ireland Recycling in Ireland become the first waste management company to operate CNG fuelled trucks.


Fluxys Belgium S.A.

Research & development

Fluxys Belgium undertakes applied research either by itself or in conjunction with academic institutions. It also collaborates with and other European gas companies in various national and international organisations.



The Dutch Green Gas Foundation

The foundation brings together various parties, including Gasunie, with the aim of increasing the share of green gas in the Netherlands.

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