Joint workshop on data exchange and cyber security in the gas sector

Dear Members,

ENTSOG, EASEE-Gas and GIE are pleased to invite you to their workshop on:

“Cyber security in the energy sector: The existing challenges & opportunities”

Wednesday 17 November 2021 - From 10:00 to 15:00 CET Microsoft Teams Meeting

This year edition will be organised in 2 parts:

10:00-12:20  Data Exchange Data communication & data transmission protocols 

12:45-15:00  Cyber Security - NIS Directive, Cyber Sec Network Code for Gas

Multiple experts
Welcoming experts from ACER, ENTSOG, GIE, EASEE-gas, ENTSO-E and many more, the workshop will present the regulatory, technical and legal dimension of the Cyber Security in the energy sector.

ACER will present its view on the potential of developing network codes for pipelines in gas, building on the “Framework Guideline on sector-specific rules for cybersecurity aspects of cross-border electricity flows”. During the day, multiple experts will present on incident management, a review of the NIS 1.0-2.0 Directives, EDIG@S version 6.1 and real user experience in Data Exchange. Discover the agenda for more.

Interactive sessions
Q&A sessions will be organized after each presentation to enable you to interact with our experts and explore further the points of your interest.

Looking forward to welcoming you to these insightful sessions, we remain at your disposal in case of questions.

Kind regards,

The ENTSOG, EASEE-Gas and GIE teams

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Agenda available here.

Online webinar

Presentation available here.