Workshop on Interoperability Network Code regarding Gas Quality


Dear Sir or Madam,

Following the cancellation of the 22 March 2016 Workshop on the Interoperability Network Code regarding Gas Quality; the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas (ENTSOG) is pleased to invite you to participate at the rescheduled Workshop on 28 April in Cologne from 10:30 to 16:30.

This workshop is to start the process to analyse and develop a proposal to amend the Interoperability Network Code regarding gas quality. The session will focus on the possible impacts of the application of the CEN standard EN 16726.

The venue for this event is: Köln Marriott Hotel, Johannisstrasse 76-80 50668 Köln, Germany. 

You can find all the information in the Venue detail page.

Agenda is available in the Agenda Area.

To register for the event, please fill in the registration form in the Registration area. We regret that registrations for the original workshop cannot be taken into account and appreciate your patience and apologise for any inconveneience this may cause.

The deadline for the registration is 22 April 2016.

If you have any questions please contact Mirsada Spaho:   

Find out more about our project plan in the press release here.

We are looking forward to your active participation.

Yours sincerely,


Jan Ingwersen                                                Hendrik Pollex

Köln Marriott Hotel
Johannisstrasse 76-80
50668 Köln


You can book the room at Marriott via reservation department as follows:

Code for preferential price : ENTSOG


Phone: + 49 (221) 94 222 700


Directions to the Hotel:



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