Certification of green gases

To meet the European energy targets and climate goals, renewable, decarbonised and low-carbon gases play a key role in the transition. Especially the injection of renewable gases into natural gas grids is a key driver in the energy transition. Therefore, it is important to ensure the cross-border scale up and tradability of these gases i.e. biomethane and hydrogen. This can be achieved via pan European Guarantees of Origin and Certification Schemes. TSOs contribute effectively to the process. 



ERGaR is founded as a cooperation between European registries of biomethane certificates that will enable cross border trade of biomethane certificates among the member registries. ERGaR will be the Europe-wide recognised organisation for administering and mass balancing volumes of renewable gases virtually distributed along the European natural gas network.



Digital certificates

Energinet issues digital certificates for injected biomethane which represent the “green” value of energy produced from biogas, a renewable energy source. The green value of the upgraded biogas may be traded commercially.



Vertogas certification agency

Vertogas applies the NTA 8080 sustainability criteria and can guarantee that the inputs (biomass) used to produce the gas are genuinely green and of high quality. We refer to this as a ‘guarantee of origin’.


Amber Grid

Green gas Guarantees of Origin

The development of green gas market brings Lithuania closer to the task of reducing climate change impacts and becoming the country of green energy.  Amber Grid from 1 June 2019 administers the National Register of GOs of gas produced from RES, in other words, performs the functions of issue, transfer and cancel of Guarantees of Origin (GO), and supervises and controls the use of GOs as well as provides the recognition of imported GOs.