TYNDP Joint Advisory Panel

ENTSOG proposes creating together with ENTSO-E an inclusive and transparent stakeholder involvement for the joint TEN-E regulatory tasks, including TYNDP scenarios, Interlinked Model – including preparing for the revised TEN-E Regulation to be aligned with the Energy System Integration and Hydrogen Strategies. 

Therefore, both ENTSOs see the need for a broad stakeholder involvement, in a more formalised way than today, fully considering EC’s Strategies. The composition of the Panel will include a broad representation of industry and NGO associations agreed with the European Commission and ACER.

ENTSOG together with ENTSO-E will initiate soon the invitation process for stakeholders to join the TYNDP Joint Advisory Panel.

More details will follow soon.

For further questions, please, contact Anne Boorsma (Anne.Boorsma@entsog.eu), Director, System Development.

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