Regulation & business model

Innovation brings new opportunities to invest and creates new opportunities for new business models. However, without effective and efficient regulatory framework it is difficult to invest into new technologies. In the past, regulation of gas networks was mainly meant to foster competition and improve efficiency. Currently, it is generally believed that regulation can also facilitate the process of decarbonisation.  ENTSOG Members (TSOs) engage in development of the new energy products and services to foster uptake of renewable and decarbonized gases into the grid. These regulatory efforts and business models you can find below in a list of projects

National Grid Gas

Customer Low Cost Connections (CLoCC)

A project aiming to minimise the time and cost of connecting to the transmission system. It will develop a new web-based customer connections platform which aims to improve a customer’s application experience. The project will also produce ‘off-the-shelf’ standardised designs for connections that can be used regardless of the customer, size of connection, or type of gas. Project CLoCC is primarily pitched towards smaller and unconventional gas customers for whom connecting to the NTS under the current arrangements can be extremely challenging.


Snam Rete Gas S.p.A.


With the newly created company Cubogas, wholly-owned by Snam4Mobility (the Snam company developing infrastructure for refuelling CNG and LNG engines), Snam has enlarged its activities with a business arm dedicated to technological solutions for natural gas supply stations. Snam will be able to increase the level of service it offers to investors in natural gas- and renewable gas-powered transport, as it will be supplying one of the best technologies for pollution reduction available helping the improvement of air quality.


Gas Connect Austria GmbH, NET4GAS

Trading Region Upgrade Service

Simplified booking. As of 01 October 2018, 06:00 CE(S)T, TRU entitles network users, who have succeeded in the TRU auction, to send an exit nomination from the Austrian Market Area East which is immediately matched with entry into the Czech market area, and vice versa. 


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