Prime movers’ group on gas quality and hydrogen handling

Relevant stakeholders of the gas value chain have been invited to participate in a dedicated prime movers’ group on gas quality handling. This group will discuss the development of innovative and feasible ways to handle gas quality in fluctuating blends, as well as pure hydrogen grids in our future gas system, and the main technical challenges foreseen.

In the broader context of the Green Deal and on the pathway to achieve the 2050 decarbonisation targets, a whole system analysis of the energy system is necessary in order to assess the most efficient way forward, especially in the gas sector. In particular, decarbonisation of the grid in a cost-effective manner will require a whole system approach where the gas value chain works cooperatively together and builds on existing tools whilst asses potential shortcomings. In this context, coordination and information exchange between all gas systems operators, and other stakeholders is key to manage the system efficiently but is also pivotal to understand the reality behind gas uses today.

ENTSOG proposes, together with DSO organisations (Eurogas, Geode, CEDEC, GD4S), to establish a dedicated prime movers’ group on gas quality aspects for stakeholders of the gas value chain. The final stage will be to reach a better understanding on the main principles to handle gas quality related to renewable, decarbonised and low-carbon gases, that can optimise the diversification of supplies, decarbonisation of the grid and guarantee end-user safety and access to the product they require.

The first meeting of this group took place on 15th of September 2020. Monthly meetings are foreseen.

For further questions, please, contact Laura Bosetti ( D’Acquisto (; Monica Di Pinti (; Andrea Di Masi (