Prime Mover Group on Guarantees of Origin and Certificate

Since 2018 ENTSOG and GIE have been co-chairing the Prime Movers Group of associations working on the Guarantee of Origin (GO) topic. The Prime Movers Group joined together experts from the gas industry (EFET, Eurogas), transport sector (NGVA) and GO issuing bodies (AIB, ERGaR, CertifHy).

Our common goal is a pan-European GO system facilitating the European market for renewable and low-carbon energy. We believe that GOs should be issued to all energy carriers fostering emissions reduction and should accurately reflect externalities such as GHG emissions/savings (where relevant). They should be capable of being easily transferable between energy carriers and across borders for the purpose of linking different energy markets. GOs for gases should also be compatible with the EU ETS.

Over the last 2 years we have successfully developed recommendations on the optimal design of GO system under the existing and future legal framework. The results of our fruitful cooperation were presented in particular to the Madrid Forum and can be found in the download section.

In the coming months we will continue our work on the set-up of the robust and trustworthy pan-European GO system in line with the European Green Deal objectives as outlined, in particular, in the European Commission’s Strategies on Hydrogen and the Energy System Integration.

We are open for the dialogue with all interested parties and will be happy to welcome new members on board. For further questions, please, contact Claude Mangin ( and Kateryna Dolzhenko (