ENTSOG initiates project collection process for the Ten-Year Network Development Plan 2018 (TYNDP 2018)

ENTSOG initiates project collection process for the Ten Year Network Development Plan 2018 (TYNDP 2018) 31 January - 28 February 2018 Online Submission.

Between 31 January and 28  February 2018, ENTSOG will commence the project collection process for the Ten Year Network Development Plan 2018 (TYNDP 2018), in line with Regulation (EU 347/2013, Annex III.2 (4).  This represents also the first step for the 4th selection of Projects of Common Interest (PCI).

To ensure greater transparency regarding the development of the gas transmission network in the European Union, ENTSOG is required to draw up, publish and regularly update a non-binding TYNDP. To be eligible for inclusion in the European Union list of PCIs, gas projects must be included in the latest available TYNDP.

Project promoters should submit their projects for TYNDP 2018 during the ‘Project Submission Phase’ between 31 January and 28 February 2018. Project promoters who have already submitted their projects for TYNDP 2017 are required to re-submit their projects and provide up-to-date data to allow their projects to be considered. It is possible to submit projects during this time period only. Submission will be via an online questionnaire and access credentials can be checked in advance of the commencement date.

After the closure of the Project Submission Phase, the following phases apply :

-        Project Data Consistency Check Phase (from 1 March to 14 March) during which ENTSOG and promoters will check the consistency of the information submitted during the Project Submission Phase. In this phase it will not be possible to correct the already submitted information nor to submit new projects.

-        Project Data Correction Phase (from 15 March to 31 March) where, in case of inaccuracies or mistaken data spotted in the previous phase, promoters will have the opportunity to correct these information. It will not be possible to submit new projects during this time.

For the first time the submitted projects will need to comply with specific administrative and technical criteria for their inclusion in TYNDP, as defined in the “ENTSOG Practical implementation document (PID) for developing the 10-year network development plan (TYNDP) 2018”. This is based on draft EC’s “Guidelines on equal treatment and transparency criteria to be applied by ENTSO-E and ENTSOG when developing their TYNDPs ” In line with ENTSOG PID, project promoters are asked as part of the project collection to provide data and documents as a proof for the fulfilment of the administrative and technical criteria.

Webinars on project submission for project promoters will be organised on 1 February and 12 February 2018. The TYNDP 2017 Project Collection manual is available here. this will be updated in advance of the commencement date of 31 January.

Once part of the TYNDP, projectsseeking to obtain the status ofPCI can submit an application for selection as project of common interest during the PCI candidate submission phase and in line with the steps defined in the specific PCI process. The PCI selection is a process separate from the TYNDP process and under the responsibility of the TEN-E Regional Groups led by the European Commission.

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