ENTSOG has launched the public consultation of the draft TYNDP 2018 which assesses the European supply adequacy and the resilience of the gas system over the next twenty years. The document identifies if and where investment gaps remain, and how projects submitted to TYNDP mitigate these gaps. Public consultation on the document will close on 29 March 2019 and feedback will contribute to finalising TYNDP 2018.

The TYNDP 2018 (Executive Summary, Reports, Gas Quality Outlook and Annexes) is available for review on ENTSOG website, here.

Stakeholder involvement and transparency is a key feature of developing TYNDP and ENTSOG invites you to take part to the online public consultation on the TYNDP report at this link

ENTSOG invites you to join its TYNDP presentation day on 21 March 2019 and to register through the registration form.

At the presentation event the following key points will be discussed:

• Do you know that TYNDP is a regulatory bi-annual exercise under the Third Package, developed in close cooperation with relevant EU institutions and with continuous involvement of stakeholders?

• Do you know that more than 20% of EU energy consumption is supplied by gas? TYNDP role is to inform stakeholders, decision and policy-makers on how suitable the gas infrastructure is to ensure secure, competitive and sustainable gas supply to all EU citizens.

• Do you know what is the level of development of the gas infrastructure in different parts of Europe? TYNDP examines in detail each of the areas, checking where more infrastructure would be needed to ensure security of supply and support market development.

• Do you know that TYNDP looks 20 years ahead? Assessing the gas infrastructure requires to frame the future uncertainties: ENTSOG, jointly with ENTSO-E developed 3 scenarios. These scenarios are not forecasts and not one is considered more probable than the others. They set the necessary frame to consider the possible future evolutions – to ensure that the gas infrastructure is robust to all of these developments.

• Do you know that TYNDP scenarios provide detailed country-level information, that they are developed jointly with ENTSO-E TYNDP scenarios and that they are in line with European Commission and IEA EU-level scenarios?

• Do you know that gas represents a low-carbon complement to renewables, a climate-friendly alternative to coal, lignite and oil, and can be supplied from renewable sources – and that it is available in most parts of Europe via the existing infrastructure?

All of these topics and more will be covered in our TYNDP Presentation on 21 March.

Should you require any further information on details for this event please contact Ms. Anna Keri at Anna.Keri@entsog.eu .

TYNDP presentation day agenda:


10h30 – 11h 

Welcome coffee


11h – 12h Part 1

Role of TYNDP and TYNDP 2018 scenarios: the gas system is essential to meet the EU energy and climate targets


12h – 12h45

Lunch break


12h45 – 14h Part 2

TYNDP system assessment: assessing the needs for the future and how the gas market is close to its achievement.

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