ENTSOG webinars for presentation of draft Guidelines for Project Inclusion (GPI) in TYNDP 2024

Dear stakeholder,

ENTSOG is planning to launch its TYNDP 2024 project collection process for hydrogen and natural gas infrastructure projects in November 2023. To enable project promoters to prepare in advance of the submission deadline, ENTSOG is publishing its GPI document. The guidelines provide information to project promoters on procedural steps, as well as administrative and technical considerations, for project inclusion in the TYNDP 2024.

Interested stakeholders are invited to join dedicated webinars on 12 and 19 September 2023, at which the content of the draft guidance document will be presented and stakeholder questions addressed.

Please note: the content presented at both webinars will be the same. It is not necessary for stakeholders to attend both webinars.

Topics covered:

  • The procedure and timeline for project promoters to apply to TYNDP 2024.
  • The type of infrastructure collected through TYNDP 2024 data collection process.
  • Administrative / technical criteria requirements for TYNDP 2024 promoters and their projects.
  • Documents and information requirements of promoters to fulfil these criteria.
  • The use and circulation of the information submitted.

Stakeholder feedback gathered during these webinars will contribute to finalising the GPI document (publication planned for beginning of October 2023). The consultation process will close on 29 September 2023.

The agenda for both webinars will be made available at the ‘agenda’ tab of this page shortly.

For any questions during registration, please contact Alexandra.Kiss@enstog.eu

The agenda will be available soon

Online webinar

12 September 2023: register here

19 September 2023: register here