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ENTSOG Transparency WG events

160204 TRA WS Presented Material5 Feb
141211_TRA WS_Minutes16 Dec
141211_CRE presentation15 Dec
141211_ENTSOG presentation_New TP background and motivation15 Dec
141211_ENTSOG presentation_Opening Note15 Dec
141211_ENTSOG presentation_REMIT introduction15 Dec
141211_TRA WS_ACER presentation15 Dec
141211_TRA WS_BNetzA presentation15 Dec
141211_TRA WS_Bulgartransgaz presentation15 Dec
141211_TRA WS_EC presentation15 Dec
141211_TRA WS_EFET presentation15 Dec
141211_TRA WS_ENTSOG Presentation_Conclusion15 Dec
141211_TRA WS_ENTSOG presentation Tariff15 Dec
141211_TRA WS_ENTSOG presentation_New TP15 Dec
141211_TRA WS_Fluxys presentation15 Dec
141211_TRA WS_Participants List15 Dec
TRA_163_140928-TRA Workshop_Agenda 2014.pdf28 Nov
7th Transparency Workshop – minutes (TRA0126)20 Dec
7th Transparency Workshop - presented materials 11 Dec
7th Transparency Workshop Agenda28 Oct
6th Transparency Workshop - presented materials18 Sep
6th Transparency Workshop - presented materials part 218 Sep
Follow-up letter for the indroduction of Consultation Period of PDWS projects draft functional specifications18 Sep
*Press Release* European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas (ENTSOG) makes available automatic download tool for gas transparency data. Results from 5th Transparency Workshop (PR016-12)31 Jan
5th Transparency Workshop - presented materials (presented materials)24 Nov
Transparency Workshop agenda for presented material/list of participants14 Sep

ENTSOG Transparency WG

TRA0470_20170717_TP user satisfaction survey 20171 Aug
ENTSOG Transparency Platform Satisfaction Survey - Report of results and conclusions20 Nov
ENTSOG Transparency Platform Satisfaction Survey - responses 1/2 anonymous responses20 Nov
ENTSOG Transparency Platform Satisfaction Survey - responses 2/2 non-confidential replies20 Nov
TRA0429-170404 TP satisfaction survey report27 Apr
TRA0421_TP_Survey 2017 anonymous overview27 Apr
TRA0421_TP_Survey 2017 non-confidential replies27 Apr
TRA0393_20161026_TP user satisfaction survey 2017.pdf7 Dec
Announcement result of 2016 TP Satisfaction survey8 Sep
ENTSOG Response to EFET Letter (TRA0112-13)28 Nov
EFET Letter to ENTSOG on Transparency Platform12 Nov
* PRESS RELEASE * ENTSOG launches Transparency Platform (PR046-13)30 Sep
ENTSOG Resolution on Addendum to the ENTSOG position on the Commission's proposal for Transparency Guidelines TRA-003-1022 Mar
ENTSOG position on the Commission's proposal for Transparency Guidelines 09-ENTSOG-00124 Feb
Press Release - GTE+ Launches GTE+ Transparency Platform 08GTE31217 Nov
INNER 050 Image courtesy of Snam Rete Gas