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TAR NC for ACER reasoned opinion (TAR0450)26 Dec
Comparison of Refined Draft and TAR NC (TAR0466)26 Dec
Accompanying Document for TAR NC (TAR0451)26 Dec
Impact Assessment: Harmonisation of Tariff Setting Year (TAR0410)26 Dec
Cover Letter: Submission to ACER (TAR0447)26 Dec
Press Release (PR078)26 Dec

TAR NC Stakeholder Support Process (SSP)

TAR NC SSP Report (TAR0440)5 Dec
TAR NC SSP Consultation(external link)18 Nov
Analysis of Decisions Document_for SSP (TAR0351)7 Nov
Impact Assessment_Harmonisation of the Tariff Setting Year_for SSP (TAR0410)7 Nov
Refined Draft TAR NC_for SSP (TAR0350)7 Nov
Comparison of Initial and Refined Draft TAR NC TAR042613 Nov
Refined draft TAR NC SSP Questions (TAR0419)7 Nov
* Press Release * European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas (ENTSOG) launches Stakeholder Support Process (PR075-14)25 Nov


Consultation Responses report - Summary (TAR0335-14)25 Sep
Initial Draft TAR NC - Non-Confidential Responses to Consultation (TAR334-14)7 Aug
Initial Draft TAR NC - For Consultation (TAR200-14)28 May
Initial Draft TAR NC Supporting Document - For Consultation (TAR300-14)28 May
Initial Draft TAR NC Online Consultation(external link)28 May
* Press Release * ENTSOG launches two consultations (PR066-14)30 May


Refinement Workshop - 24 September 2014 Agenda25 Sep
Minutes of TAR NC Refinement WS (TAR0381)10 Oct
All presentations for the TAR NC Refinement WS (TAR0376-14)25 Sep
Consultation Workshop - 25 June 2014 (Agenda)26 Jun
Minutes of TAR NC Consultation WS (TAR322-14)4 Jul
All presentations for the TAR NC CWS26 Jun
SJWS 5 - 9 April 2014 (Agenda)7 Apr
SJWS 5 - Minutes (TAR287-14)16 Apr
SJWS 5 - NC Presentations10 Apr
Business Rules I - General Provisions TAR239-147 Apr
Business Rules II - Publication Requirements (TAR240-14)7 Apr
Business Rules III - Cost Allocation and Determination of the Reference Price (TAR241-14)7 Apr
Business Rules IV - Revenue Reconciliation (TAR237-14)7 Apr
Business Rules V - Reserve Price (TAR258-14)7 Apr
Business Rules VI - CAM Related Topics: VIPs, Bundled Capacity Products and Payable Price (TAR238-14)7 Apr
SJWS 4 - 26 March 2014 (Agenda)24 Mar
SJWS 4 - Minutes (TAR283-14)26 Mar
SJWS 4 - All Presentations27 Mar
Business Rules 1 - General Provisions21 Mar
Business Rules 2 - Publication Requirements21 Mar
Business Rules 3 - Cost Allocation Reference Price - Pt 221 Mar
Business Rules 5 - Reserve Prices - Pt 2 Multipliers and Seasonal Factors21 Mar
Business Rules 6 - CAM Related Topics21 Mar
SJWS 3 - 14 March 2014 (Agenda)17 Mar
SJWS 3 - Minutes (TAR262-14)24 Mar
SJWS 3 - All Presentations (14 Mar 2014)17 Mar
SJWS 3_Business Rules 3_Cost Allocation Reference Price Pt 1 (TAR241-14)17 Mar
SJWS 3_Business Rules 5_Reserve Prices Pt 1 Interruptible Capacity (TAR232-14)17 Mar
SJWS 2 - 27 February 2014 (Agenda)28 Feb
SJWS 2 - Minutes (TAR249-14)7 Mar
SJWS 2 - All Presentations (27 Feb 2014)28 Feb
SJWS 1 - 11 February 2014 (Agenda)12 Feb
SJWS 1 - Minutes (TAR231-14)18 Feb
SJWS 1 - All Presentations (11 Feb 2014)12 Feb
Kick Off Meeting - 15 Januray 2014 (Agenda)16 Jan
Minutes of the TAR NC Kick Off meeting (15 Jan 2014)24 Jan
All Presentations16 Jan

TAR Network Code Project Plan and Launch Documentation

*PRESS RELEASE* ENTSOG publishes final Project Plans (PR058-14)30 Jan
Final Project Plan for TAR NC (TAR0202-14)30 Jan
Responses to consultation on draft TAR NC PP (TAR207-14)30 Jan
Responses to consultation on draft TAR NC PP (Contact details) (TAR207-14)30 Jan
Network Code on Harmonised Transmission Tariff Structures for Gas - Launch Documentation (TAR136-13)22 Jan
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