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Annual Work Programme (AWP) & Annual Reports

Draft Annual Work Programme (AWP) 2019 for public consultation ((AWP0034-18))(4.7 MB)27 Jul 2018
Public Consultation Feedback form - Draft ENTSOG Annual Work Programme (AWP) 2019 ((AWP0034-18))(0.18 MB)27 Jul 2018
* PRESS RELEASE * ENTSOG opens public stakeholder consultation on its AWP 2019 ((PR0166-18))(0.39 MB)27 Jul 2018


Promotion of the Balancing Network Code(0.81 MB)5 Sep 2018

CBA Methodology

ENTSOs Investigation on the interlinkage between gas and electricity scenarios and infrastructure projects assessment3 Oct 2018

Capacity Allocation (CAM)

Gas Network Codes Functionality Platform Issue Solution on Virtual Interconnection Points (VIPs)(0.69 MB)28 Aug 2018
FUNC VIP issue_ACER_ENTSOG_joint note(0.98 MB)28 Aug 2018
EC letter on VIPs 06.08.2018(0.06 MB)28 Aug 2018

Outlooks & Reviews

ENTSOG Winter Supply Outlook 2018/19 ((SO0021-18))(2.2 MB)18 Oct 2018
ENTSOG Winter Review 2017/18 ((SO0021-18))(3.12 MB)18 Oct 2018

Positions and Consultation Responses

ENTSOs Position on Sector Coupling_Madrid Forum.pdf(0.23 MB)15 Oct 2018

Press Releases

* PRESS RELEASE* ENTSOG publishes the Winter Supply Outlook 2018/19 and Winter Review 2017/18 ((PR0169-18))18 Oct 2018
* PRESS RELEASE * European gas and electricity transmission system operators release common position on Power to Gas ahead of Madrid Forum.pdf ((PR0168-18))15 Oct 2018
Common energy sector statement: protecting EU energy & emissions markets from VAT fraud beyond 20184 Sep 2018
* PRESS RELEASE * ACER and ENTSOG have assessed and closed issue on implementation of VIPs for gas ((PR0167-18))28 Aug 2018
* PRESS RELEASE * ENTSOG opens public stakeholder consultation on its AWP 2019 ((PR0166-18))27 Jul 2018
* PRESS RELEASE * ENTSOG publishes the revised 2nd edition of the TAR NC Implementation Document (IDoc) ((PR0165-18))26 Jul 2018

Security of Gas Supply

Regional Coordination System for Gas (ReCo System for Gas)(1.25 MB)19 Oct 2018


TAR0913_180619_TAR NC Leaflet.pdf(1.54 MB)20 Sep 2018
TAR1004_180501_2nd (revised) Implementation Document_High-Res(13.9 MB)26 Jul 2018
TAR1004_180501_2nd (revised) Implementation Document_Low-Res(9.92 MB)26 Jul 2018
TAR1004_180501_2nd (revised) Implementation Document_Flipbook(23.77 MB)26 Jul 2018
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