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AS4 Profile

AS4 Usage Profile (INT0488)17 Jul
Setting up an AS4 System (INT0697)17 Jul
AS4_Mapping Table (INT0698)17 Jul
AS4 Usage Profile V2 (INT0488)17 Jul

Common Network Operation Tools

Business Requirements Specification For the Capacity Allocation Mechanism (CAM) Network Code and the Congestion Management Procedures (CMP) guidelines - Version 1312 Oct
Business Requirements Specification for the Nomination and Matching Procedures In Gas Transmission Systems (NOM BRS) - Revision 1412 Oct
CAM and CMP BRS Document (CAP0554)2 Mar
Public Consultation Report - CAM and CMP BRS (CAP0578-15)17 Apr
Public Consultation questionnaire (CAP0561-15)2 Mar
INNER 062 Image courtesy of GAZ-SYSTEM