Secure Area

Congestion Management

CMP Annex13 Feb
New - EC CMP Guideline Comitology proposal6 Oct
EC Madrid preseation on new CMP guideline 27 Sep
ENTSOG slides on restriction of renomination rights presented to 2nd EC workshop on CMP16 May
ENTSOG slides presented to 1st EC workshop on CMP 18 Apr
ENTSOG response to EC consultation on CMP12 Apr
ENTSOG CMP Comitology proposal (CAP0071-10) 23 Nov
EC CMP guideline proposal28 Sep
ENTSOG Position paper on ERGEG (CAP0005-10) 13 Apr

Capacity Allocation

Legal opinion on proposed 'sunset clause' in ACER draft Framework Guideline (LGT030-11)26 May
ENTSOG response to ACER draft Framework Guideline on CAM2 May
ENTSOG Workshop on Auctions - Agenda (CAP0066-10)(expected)28 Oct
Notes of auction workshop20 Jul
Auction Workshop Slides 28 Oct
ENTSOG Position Paper on Existing Capacity (CAP0053-10) 10 Aug
ENTSOG Response to Pilot Framework Guideline on Capacity Allocation (CAP001-10) 26 Feb
ENTSOG Online Survey on CAM - printable version26 Oct
ENTSOG CAM Online Survey Analysis Report (CAP010-10)27 Apr
Capacity Product Coordination - First Phase Report (GTE+) (09GTE+107) 27 Mar
BP CPC response 18 Dec
EFET CPC response 18 Dec
Eurogas CPC response(expected)18 Dec
ENI CPC Response(expected)8 Dec
Centrica CPC response (expected)18 Dec
ERGEG CPC response 18 Dec
StatolHydro CPC response(expected)18 Dec
Capacity Product Coordination - Consultation Document (08GTE+300)28 Oct
GTEplus Coordination of Capacity Products workshop(expected)29 Oct
Workshop invitation (expected)29 Oct

Workshops, meetings, presentations

Notes of Meeting with EC, ACER and ERGEG (CAP094-11) (expected)21 Jan
Notes of Meeting with EC and ERGEG (CAP077-10)9 Nov
ENTSOG Slides on CAM Process in MF XVIII - Frank Roessler28 Sep
ENTSOG Slides on EC CMP Proposal in MF XVIII - Frank Roessler28 Sep
Notes of Meeting with European Commission (CAP043-10)3 Jun
Notes of Meeting with ERGEG (CAP039-10)20 May
Notes of Meeting with ERGEG (CAP026-10)(expected)28 Apr
Notes of Meeting with ERGEG (CAP026-10) (expected)30 Mar
Notes of Meeting with ERGEG (CAP011-10)2 Mar
Notes of Meeting with ERGEG and EC on CAM & CMP3 Feb
ENTSOG Slides on CAM at ERGEG CAM/CMP Workshop - Ralph Bahke2 Feb
ENTSOG Slides on Online Survey results at ERGEG CAM/CMP Workshop - Thomas L'Eglise2 Feb
ENTSOG Slides on CAM progress at Madrid Forum XVII: "Initial response Pilot Framework Guideline Capacity Allocation" - Frank Roessler14 Jan
Notes of Meeting with ERGEG on Draft CAM FG9 Dec
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