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2nd CBA Methodology

* PRESS RELEASE * ENTSOG publishes the draft 2nd Cost-Benefit Analysis Methodology for gas infrastructure projects (PR0139-17)25 Jul
Draft CBA methodology for ACER and Commission opinions24 Jul
2nd CBA Public Consultation19 May
Public consultation outcome responses24 Jul
* REMINDER * Don`t lose the opportunity to provide your input to ENTSOG CBA methodology update!14 Jun
CBA Webinar Presentation31 May
* PRESS RELEASE * ENTSOG launches web-based consultation for its Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) methodology update (PR0133-17)19 May
List of questions19 May
Supporting document - 2nd CBA Public Consultation19 May

Consistent and interlinked electricity and gas model

Draft consistent and interlinked electricity and gas model for ACER and Commission opinions5 Apr
Basic features of ENTSO-E TYNDP tool5 Apr
Basic features of ENTSOG TYNDP tool5 Apr
Want to learn more about ENTSOG TYNDP tool?5 Apr


ENTSOG_Economic Template6 Jun
ENTSOG_Project Fiche Template6 Jun
PS-CBA2017_handbook6 Jun
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