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1. CAM Network Code documents and Consultations

Summary of responses to second draft CAM NC consultation (CAP0212-11)24 Nov 2011
Stakeholder consultation responses24 Nov 2011
Draft CAM network code - second formal consultation on new or modified concepts (CAP0193-11)24 Oct 2011
Draft CAM NC - second formal consultation on new or modified concepts - response sheet24 Oct 2011
Report on analysis of draft CAM NC consultation responses (CAP0173-11) 26 Sep 2011
SPE consultation response (late submission)22 Aug 2011
Stakeholder consultation responses ZIP file11 Aug 2011
Agenda - Draft NC Presentation workshop (CAP0151-11)21 Jun 2011
ENTSOG and Commission presentation material21 Jun 2011
Minutes of draft CAM NC presentation (CAP0155-11)21 Jun 2011
Draft NC presentation workshop - registration form10 Jun 2011
Draft CAM Network Code (CAP0140-11)21 Jun 2011
Consultation response sheet for Draft Network Code21 Jun 2011
Supporting Document (CAP0142-11)21 Jun 2011

3. CAM NC Meetings, Stakeholder Sessions, SJWS

Stakeholder Update on Final CAM Network Code Development (CAP-0221-11)15 Dec 2011
Agenda for auctions workshop 3 November (CAP0197-11) 3 Nov 2011
Briefing Note for Second Capacity Auction Workshop (CAP0205-11)3 Nov 2011
Input Sheet for Multiple Round Ascending Clock Auction3 Nov 2011
Input Sheet for Single Round Volume Based Auction3 Nov 2011
Master Calculation Sheet3 Nov 2011
Registration form for auctions workshop 3 November3 Nov 2011
Results of Auction Simulation Games3 Nov 2011
Agenda - Network Code update workshop CAP0194-11(expected)20 Oct 2011
Minutes of Network Code update workshop (CAP0204-11)20 Oct 2011
Presentation material for Network Code update workshop20 Oct 2011
Agenda - Sunset Clause workshop (CAP0186-11)6 Oct 2011
Minutes of Sunset Clause workshop (CAP0192-11)6 Oct 2011
Presentation material and conclusions for Sunset Clause workshop 6 Oct 2011
Agenda for auctions workshop 20 July (CAP0160-11)20 Jul 2011
Auction simulation tool20 Jul 2011
Briefing note for auctions workshop (CAP0163-11)20 Jul 2011
ENTSOG presentations20 Jul 2011
Notes of auction workshop20 Jul 2011
Results of auction simulation20 Jul 2011
Agenda for Tariffs workshop 19 July (TAR034-11)19 Jul 2011
ENTSOG Presentation19 Jul 2011
Notes Workshop on Tariff Aspects of CAM19 Jul 2011
Outcomes of interactive CAM NC development phase (CAP0153-11)30 Jun 2011
Agenda - SJWS4 (CAP0137-11 )19 May 2011
ACER on outlook for the Tariff FG19 May 2011
ENTSOG presentations and conclusions 19 May 2011
Minutes of SJWS4 (CAP0147-11)19 May 2011
Prime Movers' conclusion19 May 2011
Agenda - SJWS 3 - Within-day allocation and interruptible capacity (CAP0131-11)4 May 2011
Minutes of SJWS3 (CAP0138-11)13 May 2011
ENTSOG presentations and conclusions4 May 2011
Market player presentations 4 May 2011
Agenda - SJWS 2 - Auction design (CAP0124-11)21 Apr 2011
Minutes of SJWS2 (CAP0134-11)29 Apr 2011
ENTSOG presentations and conclusions21 Apr 2011
Market player presentations21 Apr 2011
Agenda - SJWS 1 - Bundled capacity services and booking platform6 Apr 2011
Minutes of SJWS1 (CAP00125-11)11 Apr 2011
ENTSOG presentation and CONCLUSIONS6 Apr 2011
Participants presentations during SJWS 16 Apr 2011

4. CAM Framework Guidelines and EC Invitiations

Second EC invitation letter to draft the CAM NC 17 Aug 2011
Final ACER Framework Guideline on CAM (FG-2011-G-001)3 Aug 2011
ENTSOG response to ACER draft Framework Guideline on CAM2 May 2011
ACER draft Framework Guideline on CAM (DFGC_2011G001)3 Mar 2011
ENTSOG slides during ACER CAM FG presentation meeting in Ljubljana7 Mar 2011
Commission invitation to draft the CAM NC27 Jan 2011

5. CAM NC Launch Documentation

CAM NC Launch Documentation (CAP0112-11) 22 Mar 2011
Presentation shown during Madrid Forum XIX22 Mar 2011

6. CAM Network Code Project Plan

Revised Network Code General Project Plan (CAP0196-11)14 Oct 2011
Final Network Code General Project Plan (CAP0115-11)21 Mar 2011
2nd NC stakeholder meeting (agenda)9 Mar 2011
Meeting notes9 Mar 2011
Presented material9 Mar 2011
* Press Release * ENTSOG starts the first network code development for Capacity Allocation (CAP0098-11 )9 Feb 2011
ENTSOG CAM Network Code General Project Plan for consultation (CAP0090-11) (expected)9 Feb 2011
Project Plan Consultation Responses1 Mar 2011
Guidelines on Stakeholder Engagement Process (DOC007-11)9 Feb 2011
NC kick-off meeting (agenda)9 Feb 2011
CAM NC Project Plan presentation9 Feb 2011
Notes of kick-off meeting9 Feb 2011
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