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Open Seasons & Market Surveys

Launch Date Title Expiration Date
27 Jan 2014

Bulgartransgaz EAD launched an Open Season process for UGS Chiren expansion and increase of the storage technical capacity

27 Feb 2014

Bulgartransgaz EAD launched an Open Season process by conducting a Preliminary Market Survey with regard to its investment intention to expand the existing natural gas storage UGS Chiren and provide additional storage capacity (exceeding the operative technical storage capacity) after 2017 in accordance with the ERGEG Guidelines of Good Practice.

For the purposes of initial assessment of the market interest, Bulgartransgaz EAD invite all interested parties to take part in the Preliminary Market Survey by filling in and submitting standard form of Expression of Interest in natural gas storage in UGS Chiren after 2017.

Further information on the Open Season is available at this link.




INNER 061 Image courtesy of GAZ-SYSTEM