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13 Dec 2011

Firm transmission capacity from France to Belgium: Fluxys and GRTgaz launch binding phase of joint open season

29 Feb 2012

Fluxys and GRTgaz plan to create transmission capacity from France to Belgium by building a new interconnection between their networks. The project would significantly contribute to security of supply and market integration as it is to increase transfer possibilities between the PEG Nord and Zeebrugge trading points. Interested shippers are invited to submit their binding requests for firm long-term capacity in the pipeline by 29 February 2012.

More information on this open season can be found on the GRTgaz website at the following link http://www.grtgaz.com/en/home-page.html

or on the Fluxys website at:

Launch Date Title Expiration Date
11 Aug 2011

‘5GL’ Market Survey

17 Oct 2011

The '5GL Market Survey' initiated by bayernets, Geoplin Plinovodi, NET4GAS and Tauerngasleitung was launched on 15 August and will run through to 17 October 2011.
The concerned TSOs wish to gauge the interest of the market in transportation capacity between and through their markets. Shippers are asked to express their (legally not binding) interest in capacity booking at specific points or between gas market hubs.

More information is available at: www.tgl.co.at/5gl

Launch Date Title Expiration Date
12 Aug 2011

Market Survey for physical reverse flow at Moffat

30 Sep 2011

National Grid and Gaslink, with input from Mutual Energy have now published a market assessment document for the interconnection point Moffat. This publication is linked to the implementation of the EU Security of Supply regulation (EU) 994/2010 which states in article 6(5) that TSOs have to “enable physical gas flow in both directions on cross-border interconnections”.
In order for a proposal for physical reverse flow or a proposal for an exemption to be granted, TSOs are required through article 7(2) to undertake an assessment of the market, to gauge market interest in physical reverse flow at a specific interconnection point.

More information is available at: http://www.nationalgrid.com/uk/Gas/OperationalInfo/operationaldocuments/MoffatPhysicalReverseFlow/

Launch Date Title Expiration Date
4 Jul 2011

Market Survey & Capacity allocation proceeding for Lasów IP by GAZ-SYSTEM

18 Jul 2011

GAZ-SYSTEM (PL) has launched the ‘Additional capacity allocation procedure in Lasów entry point‘. The offered capacity in the coming years is as stipulated below:
2012 – 52 000 m3/h;
2013 – 52 000 m3/h;
2014 – 46 800 m3/h.
In the course of the arrangements process with the Polish Energy Regulatory Office (ERO), the offered capacity in 2014 was reduced by 10%, i.e. 46 800 m3/h. The remaining capacity in the year 2014 will be offered at a later date.

More information is avilable at: http://en.gaz-system.pl/

GAZ-SYSTEM (PL) has also launched the ‘Procedure of Market Screening on further increase of capacity at the Lasów entry point‘ for the period 2016-2025. It is assumed that any further increase of capacity at Lasów (entry) may take place as of 2016 at the earliest as this requires investment decisions both on the Polish and the German side.

More information is avilable at: http://en.gaz-system.pl/

INNER 062 Image courtesy of GAZ-SYSTEM