Bart Jan Hoevers

Bart Jan Hoevers

Gasunie Transport Services

Bart Jan studied Monetary Economics at the University of Groningen. He started his career in 1996 at the Dutch National Bank (Nederlandsche Bank) specializing in sovereign risk and export credit insurance. 

He then moved to the Ministry of Finance, where he worked in the field of state participations, managing the purchase and restructuring of state participations (Tennet, Port of Rotterdam and Gasunie). 

In 2007 Bart Jan started working for Gasunie, where he had various functions in the field of regulation, business development and management of joint ventures. Since April 2015 Bart Jan was on the management team of Gasunie Transport Services (GTS), as Manager Network Planning.

On 1 September 2017 Bart Jan was appointed as CEO of GTS. As of that date he also has joined Gasunie’s Executive Board.

Bart Jan is a member of the present Board of ENTSOG.