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AS4 Profile

AS4 Usage Profile (INT0488)17 Jul 2015
Setting up an AS4 System (INT0697)17 Jul 2015
AS4_Mapping Table (INT0698)17 Jul 2015
AS4 Comunication Protocol Proof of Concept Workshop9 Sep 2014
AS4 WS Minutes22 Sep 2014
AS4 Usage Profile V2 (INT0488)17 Jul 2015
Draft AS4 Usage Profile V2r4 (INT0488-16)19 Jul 2016
ENTSOG AS4 PoC Final Report1 Aug 2014
Proof of concept AS4 (INT0487)16 Jan 2014

Common Network Operation Tools

Public Consultation Questionnaire on Common Network Operation Tools (Deadline 6 May 2016)(external link)22 Apr 2016
BRS (business requirements specifications) for NOMINATION process (BAL0453-13)22 Apr 2016
Nominations and Matching BRS Document3 Feb 2014
Nominations and matching Implementation Guidelines Message Implementation Guidelines11 Jun 2014
Nominations and matching CNOT PC Report Public Consultation report28 May 2014
Nominations and Matching CNOT Questionnaire3 Feb 2014
Amendment of NOM BRS - Clean version for public consultation2 Mar 2015
Amendment of NOM BRS - Tracked changes version for public consultation (BAL0453-15)2 Mar 2015
Questionnaire for BRS Balancing (BAL0575-15)2 Mar 2015
BRS (business requirements specifications) for CAM/CMP process (CAP0554_160412)22 Apr 2016
CNOT developement process Final document11 Jun 2014
CNOT process- PC report Report11 Jun 2014
CNOT developement process Public Consultations Public Consultation Document22 Jan 2014
CNOT developement process PC Questionnaire22 Jan 2014
Common Data Exchange Solutions summary table (INT0878 -20160412)22 Apr 2016
Implementation Guidelines for Capacity Trading process22 Apr 2016
CAM and CMP BRS Document (CAP0554)2 Mar 2015
Public Consultation Report - CAM and CMP BRS (CAP0578-15)17 Apr 2015
Public Consultation questionnaire (CAP0561-15)2 Mar 2015
Interoperability Network Code data Exchange requirements WS26 Feb 2014
Interoperability Network Code data Exchange requirements WS Notes3 Mar 2014
Interoperability Network Code data Exchange requirements WS - presented material Presentations25 Feb 2014
Business Requirements Specification for the Capacity Allocation Mechanism Network Code 22 Jan 2014
CMP CAM CNOT scope and planning (CAP406)16 Jan 2014
CNOT Process for the Development of Data Exchanges (INT0495)16 Jan 2014
ENTSOG BRS Nomination and Matching (BAL 453-13)16 Jan 2014
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System Operation